Love to go on vacation, but hate to leave your furry friend home alone? We know how you feel! Our state of the art kitty condos and our spacious dog kennels offer that “home away from home” for your beloved fur-babies! Our kitty condo offers a panoramic view of flowers and bird-feeders as well as trees and shrubs. We also offer an outside play area for our canine friends where they can enjoy exercise time and sunshine! For cats staying in one of our condos it isn’t even like being away from home at all, it’s more like a day at the spa! Our boarding center offers temperature control with heating/ air conditioning as well as ceiling fans and adjustable blinds to ensure that each pet gets just the right amount of sun. Along with treats and daily exercise walks around the clinic each team member lavishes love onto every animal that stays with us. Our canine kennels are also temperature controlled and offer plenty of room for your dog to stretch out and relax. In addition to indoor canine kennels, we also offer a huge, enclosed play-yard situated under the shade of several large trees for our dogs to play. There’s no need to worry about anything from food to bedding we’ve got it covered! Is it time for vaccinations? We can do them! Does your beloved pet need a nail trim? It’s no problem! Rest assured staying in with us isn’t just a sleepover, it’s an experience!