Our Services at All Cats & Dogs Veterinary Hospital

Comprehensive physical examination and consultation: From babies to seniors this exam is typically 30-40 minutes for the initial visit. This is a chance to discuss concerns in the household regarding diet, activity, litter box issues, behavior and preventative health issues.

Vaccinations: specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.

Diagnostic blood work, thyroid levels, pre-anesthetic screening and urinalysis: We use the most advanced laboratory equipment available in the veterinary field. These diagnostics include serum chemistry, complete blood counts, as well as parasite exams and cytology.

Digital x-ray equipment provides the most precise views of the head, neck, abdomen, and skeletal system. The staff can provide a CD copy to take with you.

In-house pharmacy plus outside pharmacies provide specially formulated, feline and canine friendly medications that meet all the treatment needs of our patients. We can also ship medications to you if this is more convenient.

As the popularity in internet pharmacy’s increases it is important to know the facts before using one of these websites. You must have a veterinarian’s consent before these websites will ship you the prescription and some manufacturer guarantees may become void if the product is ordered out of a catalog or online. It is also important to know that a veterinarian is prohibited by law to dispense medicines without an exam or prescription. This means you can not expect another veterinarian to fill a prescription that a previous veterinarian has prescribed to you without a thorough examination being done.

Surgical procedures include spay, neuter and exploratory, using the safest anesthetic protocols, and pre-operative monitoring of vital signs and appropriate pain management. We also perform other procedures including intestinal surgery, urinary bladder surgery, wound repair and tumor removal. Each animal is provided an individual treatment plan specific to their needs.

Patients needing more advanced care and extended hospitalization are referred to one of a number of first rate specialists nearby. As your primary veterinarian, we maintain regular contact with other veterinarians providing this specialized care for continuity of communication and your pet’s care.

Drop off services are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.